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Introducing: The Art of Alleviating

“Okay, I know who Dalma is, but what on earth does alleviating mean? Ugh, she’s such a nerd, picking long words for blog titles.”

Yes, you likely know me, if you made it this far. So hello, thanks for stalking me (but if you don’t, check out my “Who the F ‘I’ Is” page).

Because I realize there is a greater demand to explain the blog than myself, my life story will be discussed in another article.

In order to introduce the blog, I have to define some terms and reveal some goals.

The term alleviating is defined by Google as such: to make suffering, or a problem, less severe. I chose this word, clearly not because it is a good marketing word choice, but because it expresses everything I want to accomplish with this blog.

As I’m getting older, it is becoming more and more clear to me that nobody has it easy. Nobody is fully complete, nobody is fully at peace, nobody has nonstop happy days. When I was a kid, people around me would argue that suffering is responsible for the beauty of life, and philosophically speaking, there is no rainbow without a little rain. I do, however, think it is damaging to say that. It is not a bad thing to want life to be good.

We as humans, seek out peace, safety, and relief for Life Fuel.

The Art of Alleviating is entering the intimidating world of the Internet, in order to provide a source for Life Fuel. This isn’t to say anything that shows up on my blog will be easy to swallow, depending on who you are, but it is to say that, when you don’t know where to run, you’re welcome to run here.

I’m looking forward to the community that will be built here. I hope we’ll be able to connect through our shared pain, different opinions, and that we can all grow through this experience. I want to challenge and to be challenged. That’s how we grow.

Controversy is welcome here. It will practically run the place.

The only goal I have as an individual is to become a better person tomorrow compared to who I was today. To do that, I need to start using the voice that I have. I have been neglecting it, despite having the opportunities and the drive. That stops today.

We all wear certain colored glasses. You’ve heard of the rose-colored ones, but I reckon there are a plethora of different eye-wear. Some of us wear darker colored ones, others lighter ones, and some of us wear quite a lot at the same time. This all impacts your worldview, which is a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.

As you wander around this blog, you will find articles popping up about politics, which over the past few years has become a breeding ground for all sorts of negative emotions. Over the years I have gone from a centrist, to conservative, to liberal. Of course, the color of my however many glasses I wear will show when I inevitably respond to whatever is currently rocking the world. Keep in mind you are doing the same.

All of the perspectives I have come to hold originate from pieces of who I am, and how I define myself. I am this nationality, I grew up in these countries, I was taught to believe this, I was surrounded by these kinds of people, and I have suffered these specific things.

You have plenty of these as well, and I think, as Humanity, we are forgetting that.

Relate to me in the ways you can, disagree with me in the ways you can’t, but most importantly, be open to be wrong. That’s what I am hoping to be. My journey in REALIZING that I was wrong, have been wrong, and don’t want to be a part of being wrong anymore lead me to sharing complex topics with the world.

I am here to say where I have landed, or where I simply float.

I am here to validate those who are like me, and all of those who have experienced the same, and those who never will.

I will speak about religion and the way it has impacted my life. I will touch on social justice movements like Black Lives Matter and Feminism, and other social movements such as the fight for LGBT+ rights, the environment, the morality of veganism, and the grand need for sex positivity.  

When an individual has a platform, and however small mine might be with a little over 400 followers at the moment, it is their responsibility to use it for good. In my most sincere moment, I can assure you, that this is all coming from an authentic, well-intentioned place.

Through this blog, I am ready to create a small ripple in the change that I want to make in this world.

Hopefully I can inspire you in that as well, whether you support my take on things or not.

I’ve always been someone who felt like I had too many things I wanted to do. I always had dreams and goals, but I wanted to sing, dance, act, write, translate… and overall, I wanted to help people. I wanted to give them medicine that goes down to the roots of the problem. The kind that heals. I’ve been born a healer my whole life.

That’s partially why I must be so invested in psychology. Oh, another important branch that I will include in nearly everything I write! That of course covers mental disorders and their impact on everyday life. Humans are too complex for us to simply write off our actions as ‘it’s something we just do’.

To summarize, this blog is coming from a musician who will give her two cents about everything, including: politics, religion, social movements, and psychology.

The greater picture is the emphasis on creating a space where everyone can feel free to think however they would like. This includes everyone struggling with mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

Uniting together will bring about big things, whether that will be just for one person or more. The risk I’m taking by putting my face to my words and outing myself so publicly will largely outweigh the costs, even if I end up being the only person changed in the process.

Let’s be better people today than we were yesterday.

Legyünk jobb emberek ma, mint tegnap.

Seamos mejores personas hoy que ayer.

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