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The First Presidential Debate

Who do I think won? Who do I support? Did I like the moderator? Was this debate a complete waste or did we learn something? What are my political views and leanings?

I’ve never been hit by a ton of bricks before. I’ve never felt overwhelmed in that way. I’ve also never felt déjà vu when these hypothetical ton of bricks hit me.

But I experienced all that this morning.

The first presidential debate aired at about 3AM my time, so when I woke four hours later, I opened YouTube to watch the entire two hours’ worth airing of Joey and Donny fighting each other like little kids.

This was not what I wanted, hoped for, or, in all honesty, expected.

I remember watching the debate between Trump and Hilary in 2016, getting frustrated at Trump for the constant interruption. This was despite of the fact that I thought he was the better candidate for the role of president. I recall the atmosphere and the tone he was using. And I supported him.

As a non-American citizen, my opinion didn’t matter, but I must be honest and admit that his seemingly authentic personality and his uniqueness had me intrigued.

Four years later, of course, everyone here knows I now consider myself left-leaning and that I no longer support Trump.

I am open to whatever side, if I agree with their policies and the value of them.

I am a leftist because I believe in:

  • Economic/income equality
  • Minority rights and zero tolerance for discrimination (LGBT+ community, people of color, etc.)
  • Gun control
  • Environmental protection
  • Expanded educational opportunity
  • Access to safe and legal abortions
  • Immigration laws that support Humanity
  • Healthcare as a fundamental human right

I am also a leftist because I don’t value:

  • Money over the environment
  • Money over people’s health
  • Religion over people’s wellbeing
  • Being pro-birth over valuing lives and people’s choices
  • The 2nd amendment over school shootings and the like
  • Trump over Biden

Trump has not changed his style a single bit. He used the same approach he did four years ago. His strategy during this debate was the same as the last: create chaos and try to rile something stupid out of the other candidate. The difference this time was how personal he got. Even ‘former Republican Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who helped Trump prep for the debate, said he was “too hot.”’ (

He insulted both of Biden’s sons, Beau of which died of cancer, and Hunter who struggled with a drug addiction. Donald then attacked Joe’s intelligence because of his academic performance in Syracuse University. While Biden did finish at the bottom half of his class and was 76th out of 85 students, I would argue that most smart people are aware that high marks do not instantly equal a genius.

And of course, Trump has not revealed his results during his time in university.

The article from the BBC about Trump’s policies can be found under ‘References’

Furthermore, Trump didn’t respect Biden or Chris Wallace, the moderator, enough to be quiet during their turn to speak. This was blatantly against the rules of the Presidential Debate and allowed for little to zero knowledge to spread during those 90 minutes.

What infuriated me the most, is Biden being labeled a far-left socialist. Sorry, Donny, but that would be Bernie. Joe is seen as a very moderate liberal candidate, and due to that, people’s opinion of him could shift either way.

They could be turned off because he is lacking in extremist policies like defund the police, or they could be into him because he is not that radical.

Trump repeatedly said Biden was losing all his voters because according to the president, the vice president was scared to talk about “law and order” because the fAr LeFt is so scary and terrifying, they just want things up in flames. Believe it or not, the left wants peace too. They just think it comes from not the economy.

Addressing COVID-19 was ridiculous, but at least no one denied that it was an issue. Trump should have been safer with his campaign, and I appreciate Biden for making his gatherings small and for wearing a mask. I wouldn’t mind that good example for the American people.

While Biden may not be the man we have all been waiting for, this is who you guys managed to elect. I wanted more on how future Corona cases will be handled, but of course valuable information was drowned out by unnecessary banter and ad hominem (a logical fallacy used to attack the person in an argument).

The article from the BBC about Biden’s policies can be found under ‘References’

The world went up in flames when the moderator asked Trump if he would denounce white supremacist groups. All the headlines read that he refused to do so.

I am conflicted for now.

I do not believe he handled the question well at all. I was instantly bothered when he said “Sure I can do that,” and then continued to direct the problem at the far left. That was not the topic that was being discussed, and frankly, the term ‘Far-Left’ coming from a Republican president sounds like a cuss word coming out of a child’s mouth. You just think they shouldn’t be using that term, but write it off, because they don’t know what they’re talking about and they’re just trying to be relatable and cool.

Saying, “Standby,” to a question like that is naturally causing outrage, however, I do hear the people—especially on the right—who bring up the issue that Biden wasn’t asked to do the same with ANTIFA and other extremist groups from his end of the spectrum.

The only moments of joy I really had, came from hearing compassion from Biden when he occasionally got a word in and Chris Wallace being an absolute queen.

Fun fact for those who don’t know: he is the anchor on Fox News Sunday, the very well-known right leaning news channel. Considering how that could be a conflict of interest as a moderator, I thought he did a phenomenal job, and I don’t think I could’ve wished for a better person in the hot seat.

It was his job to pick the questions. The relevance and worth of each question he chose is indisputable. He tried very hard to keep the debate civilized and demanded respect. He should not have had to do that, but it was still lovely to see him stand up for himself. He was fair to both parties and made the questions undeniably clear to both the candidates and those watching at home.

Now, who do I think won?


Who do I think lost?

We did. 90 minutes of our lives. But we needed to watch.

Do I think we learned anything?

I think America has learned that they have the privilege in choosing which one of these men they would like to see in office for four years. I think everyone has learned a bit more about each person’s character and hopefully they were encouraged to do more research on their policies.

My greatest hope is that every single American learned that they need to go and vote. As the most influential country in the world, its citizens are lucky enough to have a say in what the future of the world will be. Don’t give up the vote foreigners would sell all their possessions for. Don’t be so privileged to think it’s okay to give up your democratic right because it’s ‘hard to choose’.

It was hard enough to watch so many of you willingly choosing to have no say in 2016. Your choice is to have no choice? Please, register to vote, and do not neglect the right you have in picking which candidate will be the president of the United States.

Let’s be better people today than we were yesterday.

Legyünk jobb emberek ma, mint tegnap.

Seamos mejores personas hoy que ayer.


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