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Who the F “I” is

Dalma Sofiyah

Singer-Songwriter, Activist,
Trauma Recovering INFP, 4w5, Forest Fairy

Despite the Nicki Minaj line, I’m not only a bubbly musical person.

In my 19 years, I’ve survived abuse of all kinds, but also heard laughter in all colors. My goal is to share hope and light in a real, down-to-earth way, that isn’t annoying or boring.

My theme is tackling the issue that comes from people wearing their whatever colored glasses. This means I will cover issues that include religion, politics, and psychology.

I’m an ex-Evangelical, music university student, your truth seeking, loyal best friend, ready to tell you what it’s like when you take off your rose-colored glasses.

listen to my trauma recovery playlist, featuring two of my own originals!
Dis my life:
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Writing music, blogs, articles, and long emotional texts
  • Fighting the Good Fight
  • Reading books
  • Listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks
  • Manoeuvring a positive Instagram
  • Translating English, Spanish, and Hungarian texts
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Navigating multicultural relationships
  • Learning to love it all

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